Jade x Ben Moyo x Black Dog Studios (Part 1)

I am writing this blog post because Jade has been neglecting our blog due to being a full time mother of 4 but someone has to keep the fire going, right?  Itwas also her birthday yesterday and I forgot to get her a present 🙁

I met Ben through networking in Cape Town, we knew the same friends and kind of had a similar appreciation for photography. It started of with me being really concerned about how she would feel after losing her breast. I wanted her to know that she was still beautiful and most importantly, I wanted her to see her own beauty through the lens. Jade has never really been one for photoshoots and self indulgence so she was naturally hesitant at first. Ben became a friend first before being a photographer, we had several informal conversations and meetings so on the day, she felt really comfortably in front of the camera.

We also got to meet Sally Lippstreu, the owner of Black dog Studios in Observatory Cape Town.  Sally has been absolutely amazing,  having gone through something similar, she was able to offer valuable insight and advice.  She even offered to photograph the birth of the twins and was even with us during their birth.

jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-11 jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-10 jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-8 jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-7 jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-5 jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-4 jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-3 jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-1 jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-14 jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-13 jade-wyngaardt-cancer-survivor-12


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