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Published on March 17th, 2011 | by George Wyngaardt


Ashes to flames

I observe patiently the regeneration of my previous existence, enthusiastically awaiting to see if this feet is even barely possible. I have a lot to doubt weighing against myself.

The question is ,would I be that great being I used to be or am I just a man fearing the aging of time?

A middle life crisis slicing my life right down the middle, trapped between memories of my glory days while caged in a mundane yet pleasant trance.
One should bare in mind that the phoenix rises from the ashes and not the flames. Fear not falling from grace , it is an opportunity to grow and come back stronger.

I have not yet reached my peak, no this can not be it. Why do refuse my weakness in a time where strength is offered by God himself ?

Have I drove myself into madness while ruling an intangible kingdom or have I commitments blasphemy by not honoring my victories to my father?
All the unseen victories are dying within the life of me., I can’t bare the thought.

Have you ever believed so much that the impossible seemed possible? That is how I lived my life, optimistically naive but yet I found contentment in knowing that time will prevail but now it seems that it has abandoned me .
If I were to maintain this child like faith, my shoulders would be dusted off a lot more easily perhaps.

I have never been one to lie to he mercy of a pointless sword or to settle in the belly of the beast, sharpen thy wit and fasten thy belt.

I feel myself growing stronger as I sink deeper into myself, I just hope that people will remember me when I resurrect for I may have to destroy this world that has been created to spawn a new world where I may rule forever.
Do not ever doubt that you have a greater purpose in life as others will lay the same claim but in reality we are as great as we can grow, as tall as we can stand and immortal as we can live.

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