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Published on April 10th, 2011 | by George Wyngaardt


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It’s been a eventful week for me ,having re-surfaced after an comprehensive period of social hibernation. Apart from a few cameos at Zula Bar , I have been relatively been dormant choosing to spend most of my time at restaurants such as Don Pedro’s, Jamaican me Crazy and Trench Town,

This could be a sign of me aging or just due to the fact that I haven’t been single for at least 3 years now. My new girlfriend works as a brand ambassador so she has the privilege of seeing all the newest trendy clubs in Cape Town.

I am five years her senior so I feel as I should not restrict her from having fun, it’s only reasonable as I have had my fair share of crazy nights, in fact to a point where I can’t stand clubs anymore.

My girlfriend has been bumping into a few celebrities lately Loyiso, Chad Saaiman ,Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington who happen to be shooting a movie in Cape Town for 2 months and have been also hitting the nightspot frequently.

She felt that I should get out more and live a little, I could agree to that but so much has changed in the Club Scene.
So after much deliberation I made a conscious decision to not turn down an invite baring an opportunity to Drench myself in liquor and cigarette smoke while being tackled by a crowd of shoulder and elbows.

My first actually night out started with Cocktails with my mate Sandog in Café Majito’s in Long Street and sundown, which later turned into crazy night with me waking up with large cigarette burns on my right arm and a terrible hang over.

My girlfriend filled in the missing pieces explained how aggressive and uncouth I was behaving after going way over my limit. I remembered that she too was drunk and ended up puking her guts outside Zula Bar, we immediately jumped into a Cab .

Never again, I said. The next day my flat mate invited me to go to Club Jade in Green Point , I had never been there before and wanted to see what it was like , especially after my girl had been receiving compliments from numerous celebrities and Clun owners.

I have to admit, the whole comeback was fueled by jealousy but mostly due to the fact that I had become so content with just interacting with friends on Facebook. She was right , I definitely needed to live.

I arrived at Jade , there was a long queue with people hustling around just to get in, my flat mate was a regular and we had easy access. The decor was based on lounge theme with loads of French flair accommodate the arrogant attitudes of its regular guest ( sorry that was uncalled for )

It was a awkward night having bumped into so many I knew but didn’t , theses were social butterflies that never took a break from it at all.
some had graduated from being waitress to dating a Russian club owner , other had insignificant stints in the entertainment industry and I could not tell between the models and the hookers.

Over all it was very interesting and the music was good.
Last night I hit The Reserve, another Trendy nightspot in the heart of the CBD.
My work mate Ryan Shandel had resigned and we went out after his last shift ,it was fitting as his close friend Darren Kramer a professional poker player was on the verge of winning €1 million in a poker tournament in Berlin.
This club was full of high rollers, models ,local celebrities as well as again Ryan Reynolds who looked very modest and unfazed.

We spent a good 2 hours there but eventually the cockiness of the patrons led us to silently flee in pursuit of a more down to earth moment. We hit Long Street and were welcome by pick pockets , drug dealers and great vibez.

A very sketch scene but the truest of them all, a place where I could have a decent genuine conversation with people that had travel from afar just to get a taste of Africa.It has slipped my mind that Ras Kass was performing Live at Zula with local rappers such as ETC CREW, ILL-Skills, Arkytypes and Drie-mans-kaap.

The crowd was given great entertainment on an equal footing, somehow no one seemed to bumped into me as much, the night was great and I got home at 6am with many stories to tell you guys at a later stage of cause.

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