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Published on March 25th, 2017 | by George Wyngaardt


Dad Bottle Feeding Technique – The Wyngaardt Way

I woke up fresh this Saturday, this is partially because I was extremely tired on Friday. This means that there was no drinks with the boys, no after works sundowners, no freelance work, simply 3 hours of grocery shopping in Canal Walk.

Jade has had it worse since the birth of the twins, she averages 3 hours of sleep per day. I decided to give her the Saturday day off, well as least half of it. I started off by streamlining processes, mainly focusing on efficiency and effectiveness.

Since the babies are fed on demand, it makes things difficult because they can burst into song at any given moment and you will have to leave whatever you are doing to feed them. It’s even more challenging with twins, so I developed this technique.

I start by placing them in their rockers facing the TV, then I simply rest a pillow under their bottles at a 45% angle so that they don’t drown in their formula or regurgitation of it. I check up on them every 3-5 minutes from the comfort of my couch and then top it off with a 2 minute burping session.  They sleep until the next round of feeding and both Jade and I get to rest 🙂




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