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Published on February 4th, 2011 | by George Wyngaardt



Today my girlfriend told me that she loves me, it’s only been a few hours and I already miss her.

She is working two jobs and it’s taking a toll on her, I can see that but she won’t admit it. She does he utmost best to squeeze me into her busy schedule which I am ever so grateful of.

However, after she had told me she had gone home, she later confessed to kissing her ex boyfriend that same night.

WFT?? Her logic was that she wanted to know if she still had feeling for him? At first it seemed like something trivial but I just couldn’t shake it off that easily. Our relationship is fairly  new so I could understand why she would want to do that but the offense raises a lot of questions. I am not jealous ,she has earned my trust but that could be an extremely naive decision.

  • If she still had feelings for him would it change anything between them?
  • Would a kiss be able to tell you whether or not you have feelings for someone , shouldn’t you know already.
  • If her intensions were to find out if she was on  a rebound with me, is it wrong to assume that she is not sure about her feelings towards me?
  • Am I over reacting

By deciding to kiss her ex she automatically showed no regard for me , my feelings and towards our relationship which I feel was close to being steadfast.

Being truthful does not mean your cannot be held accountable for your action, it does not heal wound nor does it justify a lot of things.

I am no saint and have committed one major transgression in the early stages of our relationship, I have dealt with it and moved on and now pledge my loyalty solely to her.

We both come out of  toxic relationships with emotionally unstable partners, just when I would decide to leave I would be pulled back by pity and a sickening sense of devotion. Perhaps I can never fill that void she has or even replace that bond she has with him.

I just received the news so perhaps I am blabbering off too much, excuse if I able not able to release my conclusion in a timely fashion. I care deeply about her and she makes me feel complete, I have no interest in the past and am very keen to create new fond memories with her. I fear that I might not be able to live up to her expectations, they are reasonably high.

On the other hand she seems to be plagued with subtle confusion which I think she is trying to hide from me. He behavior is one of a women that wants to stay but every ounce of her is tell her she can’t. I can tell by the way she lashes out at me and goes for the throat when insulting me.

I just want answers perhaps you may be able to help, it’s nice to have an unbiased opinion.


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