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Published on April 24th, 2011 | by George Wyngaardt


Infactuation VS Love

My girl has been acting a bit weird lately.I had finally cut any ties with my ex and things were going pretty well for us.she had been working two jobs promoting Blackberry in the day and Malbouro products in various night clubs at night.

We were both under financial stress but things seemed to be panning out quite nicely after I had been removed from the ITC blacklist.Though I was still profiled as a “bad payer” , it was still good to know that I had less vulture on my back.

Going back to the Girlfriend , she has been attacking verbally alot lately. It could be due to the fact that she is easily annoyed but how does one explain the hurtful things that come out of her mouth?

She claims what she says is out of anger and is not true but surely it must be things that she buries deep inside.For instance me being a loser apparently ,she has repeatedly tossed those words around in sheer frustration.Now, instincts automatically switch into defense mode but for the sake of post , I will be 100% honest with my readers.

I have made alot of mistakes  in my past ,dropping out of school, not being able to keep a job , running my business into the ground and the list continues. I have had cars in past but today I travel via cab to work or yea I work for a online casino.I am an excessive drinker and cannot commit to one female.

Now that, thats out of way let me just give you an picture of her.

She is 22 years old and is extremely beautiful,  She has not studied longer than 6 months and has OCD.She works in the events industry as a promoter and her personality is very vibrant.

I would love to say that she is not doing too well herself but I am 4 years her senior so that comparison is not fair.I mean she literally gets sick of me when I annoy her yet she claims to love me so much.I do believe her as it shows but she is very tempremental anything can tick her off and she will truelly back her back and leave.

She compares me to ex’s, ideals and is verbally abusive.

Urges me to work out for a get a sexier body and reminds me of how lucky I am to have her.

What does this all mean?

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