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Published on March 18th, 2011 | by George Wyngaardt


Late Graduation

Last year I finally graduated from college after studying Graphic Design at Rosebank College in Cape Town,I ended up there because my marks where not good enough to take me to University. At the rime I thought it was a good idea since my parents did not have a lot of money and they could pay my studies off monthly. The plan was simple, I was to study for 2 years only and then get a decent job.

My parents were very proud and excited as it was a miracle that I had made it through High School in th  first place, this was not due to Academics but my Nonchalance approach towards  education.

Studying was not one of my daily duties and I passed each year basically on general knowledge ,I had always been a smart kid , perhaps this was  the problem.

If you have deduced this but now then you haven’t deduced that it took me 7 years to complete this subject, a statistic that I am very ashamed of but would not regret as I am where I am supposed to  be in life.

I went out on the night of my graduation and got really wasted coming home at about 7am with only 4 hours of sleep. This was the night I picked up that Danish girl which I will later tell you about.

So here at the Ritz hotel in Seapoint ,the smell of booze oozing out my pores. It was a very unfamiliar environment ,the only people I knew there were the lectures than had the heart to stick around and some of the admin clerks who had now become executives and not to forget the graduates that were employed by the College.

Ahhh!! Seeing the proud faces, hearing the sighs of relief ,optimistic but naive ambitions. See, at that point I had already experience the hardships of  reality having worked in the industry without qualifications for more than 4 years.

I had no interest in is mockery of a ceremony , I just wanted my piece of paper and my long anticipated power knap however my family needed this more than I did. They have been through a lot, I have put them through a lot and I had to make them proud.

I finally got the piece of paper , took picture ….fast forward….we got home and celebrated. All of the neighbors were out there to congratulate me because in my neighborhood youth barely “make it out.”

Today I sit behind a desk with my headset typing this silly post about my life hoping to add meaning to it 😉

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