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Published on April 2nd, 2011 | by George Wyngaardt


My Dog Renji

I bought this dog Renji in August last year, he was initially a gift for my girlfriend at the time. She wanted a Chow Chow after seeing her managers dog “Kuma” , a beautiful black Chow Chow puppy. We were supposed to get one out of the litter but it was taking too long and she was really disappointed at the fact that she couldn’t have her own.

He birthday was coming up soon and I wanted to give her the thing she wanted the most in the world. I searched and searched on the internet for 2 days until I finally found a seller at 04:00am. It was already her birthday at that time. I texted the guy who was selling the puppy at reasonably price but never the less a price that was out of my price range. I considered other breeds that suited my budget however I was willing to sacrifice and arm for her happiness.

The seller could only drop of the puppy at 9pm, so I decided to use the rest of time to put her on edge. I pretended to not have remembered her birthday and told her that I didn’t get her a gift.

At 8:45 pm I had already bought ribbons to tie around the dog, i rushed out of the house after receiving the “The Call” which I told her was a friend wanting to take me out for a drink.I also took my leather Gym back and told her that I would return with drinks.

I collected the fuzzy looking dog ,apart from the fluffy coat this dog did not look like much. I gently inserted the unsuspecting k9 into the bag and rushed home with excitement.

When I returned home , I asked her to take out the drinks from the bag, she unwillingly opened the bad and I heard a sudden screech!!!! from the living room.

She came running and hugged me uncontrollably ,little did we know that this dog would bring us a lot of emotional and financial disasters.

The dog was itching uncontrollably for a few days , he couldn’t sleep at all and so could we. After trying many home remedies and listening to people who had opposing diagnosis we decided to take him to a private vet in Claremont. To be continued ……

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