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Published on April 15th, 2011 | by George Wyngaardt


My first Tattoo

I am so excited so have finally have gotten my first  Tattoo. I was really careful in choosing the right tattoo due to the fact that it’s a permanent decision, it just had to be perfect.

Initially, wanted a piece done with grey shading however I frankly did not have faith in the ability of our local tattoo artists.

It all started with my girlfriend wanting to visit  her dad on one of my rest days which I was very reluctant to spend with the potential in-laws.

The rewards of spending some quality time with me was presented as a bride, I had offered to pay for her highly anticipated Tattoo if she would stay.

She agreed but only on the condition that were to get one down too,.

We spent some time going through a few concepts and  fonts, procrastinating mostly, when I decided to stick to my original design that I had stumbled across 2 years ago. It was a map of Africa which is my native continent and the tattoo has some significant meaning to it, my mind was made up.

 Many people have a Map of Africa tattooed on their flesh  but I wanted mine to be different and intriguing that’s why I chose a tribal design.

We left my apartment to checked out two different parlors, both claiming that they had the best ink, artist and designs.

We ended up getting tattoo’s at M.O.B Tattoo parlor in a bohemian like residential area, nearly everyone had excessive  amounts of  tattoo’s from head to toe.

Mine session was nearly not as painful as I thought it would be, there were moments where I could swear that I bit the leather off the chair my chin had been resting on. I was tatted by an American tattoo artist who I thing was part of a New Age biker Gang , he was very calm  ,professional  and ended up doing a  extraordinary job over all.

Jade (my girlfriend) chose to get writing all the way down her spine starting from  her left shoulder, it had something  to do with faith being knowledge with the absence of proof, pretty obvious I thought.

The first trace was too small and we had to pay R300 extra for a slightly larger tattoo all together costing R1700 for the both of us. Unfortunately we had to wait for her Tattoo artist who would only be available at 6pm .

After I had mine done , we had drinks and a delicious pizza at the newly improved  Obs Cafe  and strangely enough we kept seeing him (Tattoo Artist) parading the streets of lower main Obs.

When the moment of truth came , Jade proved herself to be very valiant and managed to complete the session with as much as a Flinch.

Besides the unnecessary touching and violation of her body, I think but I have to admit he did a great job on her 😉

She is however still in pain but we later discover the plastic wrap should be removed after the first 2 hours and should not be applied regularly. It is also vital to keep the tattoo moist and out of the harshness of the sun.

My tattoo is healing pretty well and I am researching ways to take care of it.

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