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Published on September 5th, 2013 | by George Wyngaardt


Our first Post

Jade and George

I finally got the blog working after struggling for months to get it converted from html to WordPress. My new work mate named Lawrence who sits next to me knows alot about hosting and all that crap, so I was lucky enough to get him to assist me during working hours ūüôā

So now we are live, I guess the next few weeks will probably involve alot of re-redesigning and weaking, I how we won’t have fights over creative differences, especially with our wedding coming up on the 28th. Today’s discussion over Gtalk, pretty boring so I would rather have anyone who is possibly reading this give us some feed back and ideas or what we should add to the blog.

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Jade:  are ye there
Sent at 4:21 PM on Thursday
me:  hey babe
came out of meeting
Are you at home
Sent at 4:52 PM on Thursday
Jade:  yes just got in, where are the green stickies
me:  i have em here babe
I have a surprise for you hehehe
Its small but you will love it
Jade:  is the a sticky with a weird number written in pencil there?
me:  pa*****, http://jadeandgeorge.com/wp-login.php
I fixed it the website, You can now get us up to speed, no green sticky
Jade:  its wordpress!yay
me:¬†¬†I took the sticky’s that were in my bed, *bag
Jade:  okay, then the one i am looking for must be here
me:  ok
so baby
this blog is about our life
Jade:  i see
Sent at 4:59 PM on Thursday
me:  thning of catergories >?
I have wedding
Sent at 5:00 PM on Thursday
Jade:  okay will do
i will work on it
 Sent at 5:02 PM on Thursday
me:  ok i installed a clean version
i like thatone
Sent at 5:06 PM on Thursday
Jade:  i would like a more playful theme
Sent at 5:08 PM on Thursday
me:  a theme is only the foundation baby
Sent at 5:09 PM on Thursday
Jade:  okay
me:  i like this theme its clean
and fresh
Sent at 5:12 PM on Thursday
me:  think of catergories we could have
Jade:  okay



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