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Published on February 4th, 2011 | by George Wyngaardt


Soldiers of the Sun

Soldiers of the Sun

 by George Ian Wyngaardt on Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 3:59am

When I was 12 years my body propelled from a moving motor vehicle.

The vehicle belonged to a white truck driver who instinctively excelled after seeing three black kids giggling relentlessly through his review mirror.

My body was propelled through the air and skidded across the dusty concrete for what seemed to be enternity.

I was besieged by an anonymous yet familiar sensation, I was hurt.

Although ones mind tried to mislead itself, my lifeless torso played no part in this treachery.

I hand to know the truth, with that I crumbled to my knees.

When my school friends finally reached me , I had been laying there for minutes…speechless

Their faces turned into a mirror imagine of my emotions ,”God this is bad” , I quivered

My ashy boyish skin exhibited a deviant blend of dark crimson , bedazzled by stone that had embedded itself deep into my epidermis.

The panic needed calm , the brave recalled lessons that had prepared them for moments such as these.

My body was carried away by a mob of school kids. The dark silhouetted figures uttered “Hooligans , he deserves every bit of it” each word becoming more unclear while fading from the distance.

No one cared to watch but the ever so cheerful hot African sun that made this moment seem even more excruciating.

Time lapsed and moment passed, later I found myself mummified in an ammonium scented hallway, I had broken several bones in my arm and shattered a collar bone, a pain which would should not be experience by a child.

In a dirty plastic bag held most of my belongs ,a lunch box ,back pack and a tattered pair of school shoes with a note that read, ” They called your mommy she is coming, hope you ok”

In war , soldiers can only carry the wounded as far as they can walk, in life these carried me as far as it took.




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