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Published on February 4th, 2011 | by George Wyngaardt


That’s life

That’s life

by George Ian Wyngaardt on Friday, February 4, 2011 at 3:27am

5 hours of sleep in more than 48 hours, madness or life I ask?

Life seems to become more real as you age, it’s allusiveness has been watered down by inadequate experiences.

Why do I feel confined to responsibility , work , religion and love?

My ideals have diminished or rather been pissed on.

Being optimistic has now been recognized as being naive , life is a systematic recording of experiences endorsed by the WE FUCK YOU foundation.

I find myself frantically rushing off to work to avoid being late, there are consequences for “misconduct” these day. Like being escorted out of the building after breaking your back for years .What….you keep your nose clean and your head down? Well good doggie enjoy that gold retirement watch that comes with a discreet note that piercingly reads “Sucker!!!”

You are expected to break your back for your owner and be grateful that he has given you an opportunity to be part of modern society.

Where you work for a measly salary and struggle to makes ends meet, this modern day slavery is acceptable.

It makes no difference if you earn a decent salary, you just that a House N*gga for the lack of a better term.

How many of you start your day with a “Welcome to …Thank you for…How may I….” ?

The people in my life only see the crust of my existence, naturally.

What if we could give more, what if we could live outside of ourselves?

Envision a world where the positive components of your being are no longer concealed by vulnerability ?

A world where one is not expected to have what other boast , a world people are not frown upon just because they are different.

Though this might sound like a political speech that will inevitably never materialize, it is an ideal that resides in our hearts core and minds nucleus.

To be honest, I want to be filthy rich but that’s just because my desires have been influenced television, media, society and so on.

A twisted perception of wealth , an artificial sense of fulfillment.

I have found myself being most happy just spending time at home, sipping on glass of red wine while waiting for my girlfriend to come home.

These are moments I embrace and treasure but fear loss thereof.

Our long conversations have been relinquished by frequent short testimonials of undying love only to be contradicted by our actions.

Why do we put in long hard hours of work? Why do we invest so much in love?

I do not speak for everyone but have you noticed how love fades? Well, everything generally fades I think.

The butterflies and hot flushes are replaced by synchronized mutual behavior like habits and expectancies .

You saying that that’s not true is like saying iron won’t ever rust or rape only happens to other people.

However ever it is not the end , not just yet ,conform and you will surrender your spirits opulence.

I wish I was told the truth in school, the world is not bright with marvelous possibilities , the good guy always dies and Santa is a fuckin Capitalist.

Very cynical I must admit but at least I would of not wasted my time chasing shadows, I would of understood that people are ugly and hateful.

Perhaps I would of understood that sometime life takes away from you the things you value the most.

Perhaps I would of truth understood the phrase “That’s Life”

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