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Oh boy! my least favourite question of all time yay!

Me, I am pretty straight forward person. Noticed I enjoy art, good writing and music. Honestly i really suck at answering this question because quite frankly I don’t know myself all to well. I am fickle and changeable, my moods are all over the place and sometimes I have loads of  energy and nowhere to put.

Some days I will enjoy cheese and others not. My likes change like the weather as i don’t like to be held down by one particular way of thinking. This display of changeable behaviour has subsequently caused me to lose interest in almost everything i do. I am a great starter I can push out large amounts of constructive energy once excited but I lack consistency.

I bounce off the walls with crazy thoughts and some disturbing jokes. My humour is of an acquired taste not everyone and stomach my jokes about anal bleeding and dead body disposal.  I am generally the fun one but as i mentioned my moods are like the wind so some days i can be a total wet-sock.

I guess that’s me in a slime covered nutshell.


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