Basking in the Bosom of the Blogging World

I have been told on numerous occasions, by my social media addicted boyfriend, to join the bloggers team and I declined heavily every single time, saying that it is too time consuming and dull. I always thought it to be a form of escapism and to my surprise (-_-), it is exactly that. Still I find myself glued to the screen typing away, jotting down the thoughts that seem to buzzing in my frontal lobe.

I do, however, prefer taking down my thoughts on good old paper, gives me something to burn (lol). Usually I would scribble my thoughts and feelings down on some random piece of paper and rummage around until I find a pen (I always seem to find the blotchiest of pens during this time) so that I can expel my thoughts. After a brief read, and a chuckle in some cases, I burn it. Now that I will be blogging my thoughts I will need a more constructive way of handle my mild bouts of arsonist tendencies.

Back to my social media addicted boyfriend, he has stressed that it is vital to have an online presence and that it will ultimately become my favourite pastime. Hmmm, I think I agree with him, it does make a lot of sense, still I felt a bit pressured and I do so enjoy a good ‘NO’ but here I am (sigh). I just now realised how persuasive he really is. (Thinking face)

Oh well, the bottom line today is that being a little open-minded can sometimes lead you to many a great find as well as some sorely needed personal growth. So here’s to me basking in the bosom of the Bloggers world.

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