Day in the Life of a Blogger

Putting pen to paper or, more accurately, putting finger to keyboard, can have its unimaginative moments. As a serial blogger, I sometimes find myself caught in staring contest with my computer screen, which I must admit is rather counterproductive, especially whilst deadlines are looming unforgiving in the near future.

When my ability to write good material has fizzled and I’m feeling a bit burnt out, my simple creative solution is to read, yes good old-fashioned reading. It revitalizes and replenishes as much as it entertains. Submerging myself wholly in the splendour of words, works of written art that beautifully and effortlessly erase the cobwebs of my current writers-block.

As I filter through my day-to-day routine, I draw inspiration from people and their unique characteristics. Being a creative is like being in a constant dance, a dance between the free-spirited nature of your creativity and the conforming ideals of your common sense. My dance begins and my mind bids me to write about the simplicities of life, whilst my spirit drifts away toward the serenity of the tunes blasting in my ears, and my concentration is lost in a blur of fluttering nonsense and a few scribbled words.

The half-written mess splurged across my desktop screen has completely lost its charm and once again I slip into a world of dreams. At my desk, arms in my lap staring lifelessly at the screen, I contemplate writing about various topics, carefully narrating each introductory paragraph in my head before sighing deeply and discarding it. Very gently, I slip into a thoughtless moment of pure bliss, when I am rudely interrupted by my growling stomach and back to reality it is for me.

Whilst digging in the fridge for my sarmie, a mouldy half-eaten piece of cheese peers out behind the mayo and it hits me! Cheese! Glorious mouldy cheese! I dash off to my work station to write about the benefits of cheese in its mouldiest form, gross but delightfully effective all the same. My readers are informed, today’s mission is accomplished and so concludes a day in the life of a blogger.

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