I want a Puppy!

Lately I have been feeling the urge to get a cute fuzzy four legged buddy, I’m not the type to love animals but i find myself drawn to the idea of having a pet. I think i may be internalising a far more serious emotional need, but hey! Maybe this will be good for me.

I would describe myself as a bit of a narcissist so this is majorly out of character; it seems to be scaring my immediate family and close friends as well. They think i am suffering from the early signs of depression. Though i don’t feel any different just need something to love and care for. Oh goodness, maybe it’s my biological clock ticking away, quietly tapping at the door of my emotional regulator.

Alas, i have been researching which breed of pup would suit my needs. I took an online quiz (which i honestly don’t recommend) apparently my personality type requires a high energy intelligent dog like a jack Russell. I read that and shook my head profusely ’cause i know them little naughty buggers eat shoes! And i can assure you my personality does not require an ever-ready-shoe-chewing ball of fuzz.

So after almost 6 months of careful deliberation (I’m meticulous) I’ve decided to take a page out of animal loving A-list Socialite Paris Hilton’s book on pups. The puppy i will be getting is a yorkie also known as Yorkshire terrier; these little guys are the cutest most lovable and loyal dogs. They also cost a small fortune, retailing at R4000 a pup from the local breeder. I am happy with my decision to share my life, love and space with a canine companion; it is life changing and ultimately soul nourishing.

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