The Visionary

3rd jaded phoenix

Clarity what does this mean?

Personally the journey to this point has been nothing less than an uphill struggle. Countless battles within me, conflicting thoughts and emotions, relentless questions looming over me like a dark cloud.

I keep thinking I’m more than what I’m allowing myself to be.

How can I be me when my future has been presupposed?

I am infinite

Conformity has inhibited my growth; it has numbed my mind and slowly corroded my soul.

How do I counter these effects?

I suppose I should follow my destiny, yet such a simple notion seems almost impossible

I am courageous

Where to start when the world and the perception of the truth has been horribly distorted

Hearts and souls has been turned to fable

Our people they no longer dream

I am pioneering

so here i am at the start line of my journey, waiting with bated breath for the start gun to off

soldier of the army of truth, here to free as many as can

ready the persecution for my knowing

I am a child of God

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